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Is Asparagus the Latest Superfood?

We've always known that asparagus has amazing health benefits, like being a great source for folic acid, vitamin B6, and fiber, and is low in calories and fat. But do these health-packed spears possess enough super qualities to be the next-named superfood?

According to an article by Expand Your Consciousness, they do! 

In their article, Studies Show Asparagus Is A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory And Protects Against Diabetes, they name asparagus' best qualities:

  • Helps control type-2 diabetes
  • Top anti-inflammatory food
  • Helps aid in digestion
  • Rich source of B vitamins
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These powerful attributes, among others, pack a big punch with this green vegetable. And it's in season NOW in Michigan until mid-June. So do we really need to give you any more reason to go out and BUY NOW?

To read the full article, click here: Studies Show Asparagus Is A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory And Protects Against Diabetes



5 Tips for Picking the Best Asparagus

1.     Firmness.

Asparagus stalks should be firm. If you were to bend it, it should feel like it’s going to snap in half.

2.     Compact Tips.

Look for tips that are closed tightly together.

3.     Stalks.

Bright green, smooth, straight stalks with dark green or purple tips. Along with tight closed tips, the best pick should have a shade of dark green or purple.

4.     Similar Diameter.

This is more for convenience, rather than an indicator of flavor. Thicker stalks simply mean they’re more mature. No matter small or large, a consistent diameter will help the asparagus cook evenly.

5.     It should squeak.

When you squeeze the bunch together, it should squeak. This indicates the firmness and freshness of the bunch.