Most parents aren't used to hearing their 5-year-olds shout, "More vegetables, please!" But we want to change that! 

In an ideal world, our kids would look a little less like this...

...and a little more like this:

Since we don't live in an ideal world, we've combed the blogosphere to find a few seemingly successful strategies to help climb the uphill battle that is getting our kids to eat more veggies.

As parents, what have you found that works with your kids? 

Add to it!

Photo and recipe by  Snixy Kitchen . 

Photo and recipe by Snixy Kitchen

The Huffington Post

"Although some nutritionists and parents don't love the idea of "sneaking" veggies into kids' food, it can be a great way to add text and flavor to meals, not to mention nutrients -- especially with vegetables like cauliflower and zucchini around." Test the theory out with these delicious-sounding recipes:

Bake Zucchini into Muffins. Cinnamon-y goodness. 

Cauliflower Macaroni & Chesse? Please. 

Cauliflower chocolate cake. Okay, okay, twist our arm. We'll take a piece.


Photo and recipe by  Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth . 

Photo and recipe by Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth

They may be turned off by the green color in the smoothie, so why not make it into something they love? Maybe it will make them big and strong like a superhero like the Hulk or the Green lantern? Perhaps, it will make them super smart or like the veggie tales characters? Feel free to insert whatever your child will relate to in order to get them excited about going green! Test these out:

Snickerdoodle Smoothie or Strawberry Banana

Get Them Involved

Speaking of, the ladies at Simple Green Smoothies are so much more than smoothies! They've suggested many ways you can get your kids to learn more and be more familiar with vegetables, rather than just sticking their noses up at the word "vegetable."

Their recommendations? Easily accessible veggies and fruits, and letting them pick out fruits and vegetables at the farmer's market and grocery store, among others. Read more here.

These are only a few ways out there to get those vegetables onto kids' plates and into their mouths. As parents, what have you found that works with your kids? Comment below!